African-American church leaders highlight efforts to reduce infant mortality

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- Leaders from African-American churches met on Tuesday to outline efforts to promote sleep safety for infants.

As part of their efforts, leaders announced their fourth annual "Safe Sleep Sabbath" event on Sunday, Nov. 18. The event is aimed at educating the community on how to make sure babies are sleeping safely.

The acronym used is "ABC." Babies should sleep alone, on their backs and in a crib. Leaders also emphasized that no extra blankets or toys should be kept in the crib.

Church leaders were joined on Tuesday by Dane County Executive Joe Parisi and State Representative-Elect Shelia Stubbs. Both highlighted infant mortality as an important issue in the African-American community.

"We know that black mothers are more likely than white women to have social economic challenges that contribute to poor birth outcomes," Stubbs said. "Some of these challenges include discrimination or racism, low income, food insecurities and inadequate housing."

Parisi also declared Sunday, Nov. 18 this year to be Safe Sleep Sabbath Awareness Day for the whole county.

"The community-led effort by Safe Sleep Sabbath and African American County of Churches is critical to making change and to moving forward," Parisi said.


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