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The Samuel Bible Crusade

What are some of the things going through your head when you are detained by the Police? Why am I being detained? l just got off from work. Why am I being handcuffed? Repeat, l just got off work. What are my rights? Who do I call if held by the police?

My name is Samuel Bible. l was born March 1, 2O0O. l think of myself as an absolute difference breed of human. I love music, fashion and cars. I want to create, produce and make a big difference in the world. Graduating from high school, I readily found a job which, I do like. My college plans are on track. I am fun loving, love animals and I can be quirky and goofy at times. lam a quiet person because l observe everything and have deep thoughts about it. Being quiet makes me a good listener and reasoner. My Mother has four sons, and l am possibly the most talented. My life career does not have a title yet. I just know I am destined for greatness. We live in DeSoto, Texas.

Recently, I was interviewed on the Robert Ashley Show and The Ester Davis Show about an unfortunate incident that happened to my family and l. The Dallas Morning News did an initial story and a follow up. My thoughts since this incident has been on how I can have an impact on this generation of young African American Males and the culture we are made to deal with. I think my name has power and I want to share my experience in the way of a crusade to educate young African American Males on how to possibly stay alive when approached by the police.

What to do when you are detained and/or handcuffed by the police:

*Keep your hands in sight. NOT in your pockets.

*Remain calm. Remain silent. Please... no profanity or rebellious moves.

*ln case of an irate officer. Ask for a superior to come out to the scene.

*lf handcuffed, as I was, commanded to the ground, think and listen.

*Obey commands. lf you do not understand ask to repeat.

Remember, you always have to make the best of every situation. You may not like the way things happened or how they are proceeding. . . but you cannot dwell on it.

Bottom Line; Stay alive.

We need you to survive. This is my crusade. Will you help me?

Samuel Bible

Eighteen(18)Year Old African American Male Email:

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