An Open Letter to Luby’s Corporation

Mr. Chris Pappas, President/CEO & Todd Contee, SVP Operations

Mr. Pappas:

I will open with letter with an invitation for you to come and visit.

As you know so many families have been a part of your outstanding brand for as many decades. One of the things that we could sincerely depend on was not only the good food, but the genuine care, respect and service-with-a-smile from your loyal employees. Luby’s is clearly an American institution.

This letter is about the management , a regional manager in particular and an unfortunate incident at your Hampton@Hwy67 location in Dallas, Texas. In addition, I have entered a statement of dissatisfaction on your website. The new or present regional manager does not uphold your high standards of hospitality, respect and proper management skills. This manager is rude, with a near hostile attitude toward customers who have been a part of this location for years.

This Luby’s is anchored by several homeowners and their private clubs, associations and schools. The homeowners are in a comfortable, middle class predominantly African American community.

They live in homes they bought, worked and paid for. The general makeup is semi-retired, politicians, present and former, all cultures, clergy, Christian leaders, Mary Kay Directors, professionals in all arenas.

On or about the last week in February, 2019, your regional manager was in the aforementioned Luby’s.

He mishandled a simple elementary incident with an unacceptable attitude of “. . . if you do not like it, you can leave”. He never stood to acknowledge his customers, a seasoned senior group of three. A Mary Kay Director, a pastor and a radio host/ former educator. He refused to be cordial. He did not understand nor seek to listen. . . listen to his customers. My disappointment is in the total lack of respect for paying and tipping customers. This manager’s disrespect was obvious, blatant and intension able. . . not to mention unnecessary. Again, the incident was so minor. . . it was handled most inappropriately and in a manner not representative of the Luby’s brand. That I am sure of.

I thank you in advance for your prompt response to this letter. And again. . . this community would welcome a visit from you and better training for your management.

Dr. J. Ester Davis, Luby’s Customer

“The Ester Davis Show”

Television Host/Producer

Award Winning Columnist


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