Bishop Ray Campbell : A Golden Treasure

The Bishop and the General

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By Dr. J. Ester Davis

If you visit the Mi Casa Hotel, Santa Monica, California, it will evoke the grandeur of the Riviera. If you visit the Sullivan Collection in Boston, home of the first African Meeting House and Freedom Trail, you will experience rare pride of accomplishment, amid artifacts and photographs preserving the contributions of African Americans. But if you were present on Friday evening, October 26, at the Ideal Family Church, you would have radiated all the glittering bella and class of a Bishop Statesmen Inaugural Ball and “Dancing with the Stars” where other Bishops, Clergy from all denominations, politicians, judges, educators, professionals from all over, church members, retirees and millennials sat in “awe splenda” with a man and his wife we all admire. The entire setting had been transformed into a fabulously deco five-star hotel ballroom, with ceiling high white tiers flowing corner-to-corner, length and depth of the room, complimenting the basketball goals-to-lighted shimmering chandeliers. It was indeed a magical spiritual-filled evening.

Bishop Ray Campbell, Pastor of Ideal Family Church was honored with a 50th Year Celebration Banquet, forty-eight(48) years at one church. What a tribute! The crowd was festive and well dressed. Greetings came from Dr. David Wilson, new President of the IMA, Judge Thomas Jones, Dr. Allen Madison , Honorable Yvonne Davis while Dr. John Beckwith did a masterful job as Master of Ceremonies. After dinner was served, the Speaker of the Hour was a devoted friend, Bishop Raymond W. Johnson, Living Faith Christian Center, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Clergy and visitors were present from Tennessee, Michigan, Louisiana , Texas, with numerous calls and written accolades from Mississippi and Atlanta. General Richard Dix, now in Atlanta (pictured above with Bishop Campbell), met the distinguished Bishop as a guest on his radio show. More than fifty(50)ministers and pastors attending the culminating festivities on Saturday.

Thank you, Bishop Campbell, for your continuous significance and for decades of working tirelessly in our community. To God . . . be the glory.

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