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Black Health Matters in DFW

Texas and Dallas philanthropic foundations that receive oil money and United Way can pay for social justice reform in DFW.

We have not heard philanthropic organizations or the United Way in Texas, and Dallas specifically, say black lives matter. Some of these foundations’ fortunes were built on the backs of black East Texas farmers, whose lands were taken outright or they were given small amounts of royalties while the oil companies made millions. The foundations receive lifetime monies to disperse as they see fit. I just returned from East Texas where land owners are being asked to sign documents to allow drilling on their property down to 15,000 feet. Supposedly, there is gas shale between Texas and Louisiana. I asked an old farmer what should be done. He said, “Don’t sign any documents—that’s how they stole the minerals under our land in the 1930s. They would kill the farmers or take their land if they didn’t sign the document during the oil boom.” United Way used to provide funding to community-based, youth-serving agencies in black communities. What happened to this funding?

Now, we are in a pandemic. The same disrespect and disregard is still prevalent with the lack of COVID-19 contact tracing in the black community. To date, how many black businesses, community-based agencies, and black media have received CARES funding in DFW?

The data below speaks for itself. More COVID-19 cases and deaths in the black community in the DFW.  Don't believe the low reported COVID-19 cases and deaths in the DFW. Since COVID-19 testing and contact tracing has been limited in black communities, data for blacks could be skewed. Your Health is Your Wealth.

COVID-19 data for September 16: More than 233 African Americans have died; 6,081 confirmed African-American cases

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