Bourbon at the Border is a love story

Main Characters of play

It’s a love story.

Black folks loving each other and their people while making big sacrifices i.e getting kicked out of Howard University for their activism and enduring mental health trauma 30 years after confronting white supremacy during “Freedom Summer”. 

Bourbon at the Border is a love story that refuses to romanticize the fight against oppression

or ignore the mental health challenges of those who struggled on behalf of freedom loving people everywhere.


The play is set in Detroit in 1994, thirty years after the “Freedom Summer” that transformed former civil rights activists May and Charlie’s lives forever. May is convinced that she and Charlie should start a new life across the border, in Canada. But when their neighbor and friend, Rosa’s, boyfriend Tyrone gets Charlie a job as a truck driver, the madness of that summer bubbles over.  Will their love help them conquer the residual effects of the battle they fought years ago?

Dynamic cast


Special Guest for ‘Clap Back’  Feb. 9th 5PM Ernest McMillan and SNCC/Black Panther activists Ernest McMillan on his way to a federal court hearing  in 1972 Ernest McMillan, son of a Methodist preacher, a radical community organizer, and  draft dodging Dallasite, will talk about his underground journey from Black Power fugitive in  West Africa in the ’60s, to the challenges of being a loving-activist father and husband,  to community builder in

Houston’s bloody Fifth Ward in the 2000’s before returning home to Dallas.

Dates/Times for Bourbon at the Border

Feb. 7th and 8th@8PM     

Feb. 9th @ 3PM and 8PM

**5PM only Special Clap back with Ernest McMillan

Feb. 14th & 15th  2019 8PM        

Feb. 16th @3PM & 8PM

Contact: Marilyn Clark  214-671-1998 for Community Night tickets  and Special Group Rate


Regular ticket:


South Dallas Cultural Center   3400 S. Fitzhugh St. Dallas, TX 75210

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