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Celebrating Ester Mae Wilson’s (Mother) 100th Birthday

Updated: Nov 12

November 7, 1920- December 10, 1991

Ester Mae Caldwell married A.C. Wilson. Born to this union were six children: Esther Davis, J.C. Wilson (preceded them in death), Ovella Davis, Ethel Bryson, Norma Gassaway and Aggus Johnson; 21 grandchildren, 55 great grandchildren, 49 great-great grandchildren, 1 great-great-great grandchild.

Her family called her ‘Mother,’ the loving, kind, strong woman of faith she was. With a God - fearing spirit, she was loved by all.

Mother was a Prayer Warrior. She Prayed with Authority

Because she was a strong believer in Jesus Christ, the legacy of Mother lives within her children and grandchildren. She made prayer a priority and was very faithful about praying for her family and others.

“When I felt down, Mother would call her prayer warriors. She would give me scriptures to read in the bible to help me. I could tell her anything and it would stay between us. She had a heart of gold and she would give her last to anybody, that’s why so many people loved her. She was a very loving person, kindhearted and sweet,” shared Norma.

“Whenever I had a problem, Mother said to pray about it. I remember how we prayed together,” said Ovella.

“Mother would always pray with us. She instilled the love of God in us. She said when your children are babies they are on your lap and when they grow up, they are on your heart. That is a very true statement. I thank God for her,” said Ethel.

Mother was Inspirational Mother encouraged and inspired her children when they needed her the most

“I was very shy and introverted and didn't go to my senior prom. Mother encouraged me to go. She was supportive when I wanted to go to nursing school. She was a strong smart woman. She fixed our electric iron cord and the iron worked again,” shared her oldest daughter Esther.

“Mother encouraged me to marry my husband, she felt he was the man for me,” added Norma.

“I miss her love. She was a good mother. It was fun talking to her,” said the youngest daughter Aggus.

“Mother was everything. She was so amazing. She was always there for me and for us. It was a blessing to have her in my life. I could call her about anything. When I called her, she was always encouraging. She had beautiful encouraging words,” said Ethel.

Mother had a Cheerful Heart

“I miss laughing, talking and drinking coffee with Mother. We had a good time whenever we got together,” said Norma.

Ethel added, “It was always fun to be around her. She had a beautiful laugh. She was like a sister with a beautiful heart.”

“Going to downtown Dallas with Mother on Saturdays to pay bills and shop was fun,” said Esther.

“I remember one time it was a storm in Oak Cliff and Ethel and Norma’s lights went out so they spent a night a Mother’s. I grabbed my kids and joined them. My lights were on but I wanted to have fun too. We stayed up all night playing cards and got up the next day and cooked breakfast,” said Ovella.

The House on Macon Street

Mother’s house was the place to be for weekends, parties and holiday celebrations. The bigger the family the smaller the house. This is where the Legacy began, and the seeds were sown. A good cook she was, known for her famous pound cake, the holidays at Mother’s were enjoyable.

One day the family had Mother a surprised birthday party at her house. Everybody had to park their cars on the next street over so she wouldn’t see them. When they saw Mother walking down the street, they went into the house to hide in the hallway.

Ovella added, “I had to make sure all the kids were quiet so Mother wouldn’t hear them. I kept saying shhhhh, be quiet and they kept giggling and just giggling. When Mother came through the door, we yelled SURPRISE.”

Mother’s Children Said It Best

“On the weekends, we would spend time together with our kids at Mother’s house. I miss the dinners and family picnics. I enjoyed eating dinner on Sundays with her. She always made sure we had picnics once a year,” added Ovella.

“I remember getting together at Christmas time and everybody knew what they had to bring. The gift exchange was so much fun,” said Norma.

Mother Sowed Into the Lives of Others On November 7, 2020, Mother’s family celebrated what would’ve been her 100th birthday. A great day of fun and laughter from the memories shared among her beautiful daughters and grandchildren. For those who were a part of this great woman of God’s journey were blessed with her legacy that lives on today, tomorrow, and forever. The seed she sowed in many will flourish from within and make this world a better place.

Happy 100th Birthday Mother!

Honorably written by her granddaughter Dona Gassaway Mitchell

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