Congresswoman Johnson Opposes ACA Individual Mandate Ruling

Dallas, TX – Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson today released the following statement after a federal judge ruled inTexas v. US that the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate is unconstitutional and the law should be invalidated, resulting in great uncertainty for the American health care market:

“The core tenant of offering medical care is to do no harm. This is first lesson taught to young nursing students. Should yesterday’s decision deeming the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional disrupt the current health care system, it will cause nothing but harm.

“In six years, the Affordable Care Act has brought millions of Americans health care for the first time in their lives. Despite these successes, Republicans have sought to undermine it and therefore jeopardize the health care for a great many American families at every turn. Whether through Congress, executive action or the courts, Republicans have made it their mission to take away healthcare from the 133 million Americans who live with preexisting conditions.

“While the legal ramifications of this judicial decision remain unclear, I want those who believe in the fundamental right of universal health care to understand how fragile even our most profound legislative achievements are in these politically uncertain and unstable times.

“As an individual who began my career as a nurse and the first nurse to ever be elected to Congress, I know the positive impact access to quality health care can make on the lives of countless Americans. It is this firm conviction that will power me to join my Democratic colleagues in the majority of the new Congress to pass comprehensive health care reforms that expand health care coverage throughout this country. This is my promise to the American people and my constituents of District 30.”

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