Congresswoman Johnson Recognizes Religious Diversity at Annual Prayer Breakfast

Dallas, TX  – Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson on Tuesday hosted her Prayer Breakfast to bring together faith leaders from across the North Texas region. The annual gathering, featuring the theme “Strength Through Unity: Healing Our Nation” this year, provided a platform for leaders of many different faiths to articulate the need for peace that can be achieved through unity.

Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson joining North Texas faith leaders in prayer at her annual Prayer Breakfast on Tuesday, February 19.

“This gathering has been a strong display of the great diversity that makes up the fabric of this nation,” said Congresswoman Johnson during her remarks. “Over the years, we have proven that there is strength in unity and that the power of prayer and faith is real. As we have before, this year presents us another opportunity to address the challenges we face and spread prosperity in all the communities we are a part of.”

Among the distinguished leaders who addressed the audience, Pastor George Mason of the Wilshire Baptist Church served as the gathering’s keynote speaker. In his remarks, Pastor Mason stressed the need to address challenges of inequality faced by people of backgrounds different from our own.

“If we want to heal our nation, we have to walk a path of justice to get to reconciliation,” said Pastor Mason during his keynote address. “Dallas is the perfect city to start this, because it is hard to imagine a more religious city and a more unequal one. It is time for honor, and it’s time for love. It’s time for healing.”

The breakfast was attended by approximately 100 leaders and members of the North Texas faith community. Those in attendance advocated for peaceful collaboration for the growth and prosperity of a spiritually diverse Texas citizenry. Leaders present were from the Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, and non-denominational faith communities. All the faith leaders spoke candidly about opportunities to unite our community in the wake of developing challenges.

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