Congresswoman Johnson’s Statement on President Trump’s Speech

Dallas, TX  – Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson released the following statement after President Trump proposed conditional protection for DACA recipients and temporary protected status holders in exchange for $5.7 billion for a border wall in a White House speech:

“We’ve been down this road with the president before to only find ourselves in this very situation. The difference now is that 800,000 Americans have been without paychecks for the last 29 days because of President Trump.

“The proposal the president just made does not address the most pressing crisis on hand: the government shutdown. President Trump can and must reopen on the government at once, restore the pay that our federal workers have earned and restart essential services that millions of Americans rely on. Once he does this, Democrats in the House will continue to pass bills that bolster and enhance border security measures and will be willing to come to the table to discuss comprehensive immigration reform.

“These are all steps we are ready to take, but we will only consider this action once the government is reopened. Let me be absolutely clear: Temporary protection in exchange for the construction of a permanent wall is not a serious solution. The president’s proposal today fails to bring us closer to finding a solution to fix our broken immigration system.”

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