Controversial Confirmation Amy Coney Barrett Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the USA

By Kimberley Blair Pleasant

Amy Coney Barrett

Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States

Although it came with much controversy and hypocrisy, Amy Coney Barrett with a Senate vote of 52 to 48, is now the newest Associate Justice of the Highest Court in the Land, the Supreme Court! She fills the seat of the late Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg who from 1993 until her death on September 18, 2020, held the position. Ginsburg was a justice who fought for not only women's rights, LBGTQ rights and social rights; she fought for the rights of all!

This confirmation is at the forefront of almost every political conversation and many worry that Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), will be demolished and 20 million Americans will not have health insurance. This could be even more detrimental for those who have pre-existing conditions! There is also concern that Barrett’s appointment will be a reason to worry for Abortion rights: Roe v. Wade, same gender marriages and rights, and the 2020 election if Trump loses and refuses to concede, could possibly be taken to the Supreme Court for ruling.

It has never been said that Amy Coney Barrett was not qualified for the Supreme Court. What is said is that the Republicans made a big to-do when President Barack Obama nominated and tried to confirm Judge Merrick Garland who was to succeed the late Associate Justice Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court. The Republicans led by Senator Mitch McConnell said that it wasn’t constitutional for a confirmation because they said it should be the next sitting president who made that decision. This was the argument the Republicans made eight months before the 2016 election. Barrett’s nomination came less than a month and a half before this 2020 Election. Barrett was nominated on September 26, 2020. Her nomination process was rushed through and she was confirmed exactly one month to the day on October 26, 2020, 8 days before the 2020 election.

What should have been a nomination by the president, who is to be elected, was not! The hypocrisy in America is overwhelming when it comes to what is right and what is wrong! With over 226,000 lives lost to Covid-19, Donald Trump and Senate Republicans cared more about a Supreme Court appointee than they did about passing a stimulus packet to help Americans who have lost their jobs and can’t feed their families! This Administration held yet another possible Super Covid Spreader at the White House for a confirmation party for the newest Associate Supreme Court Justice. This again is one month to the day of Barrett’s nominations which was held at the White House Rose Garden and more than 20 people contracted Covid-19.

When do we as Americans decide that this dictator type of leadership that America has been getting for the last 4 years stop? It is time for We the People to regain our Democracy back. It is now 6 days to Election Day, Tuesday November 3, 2020. Even more important is that there are only 3 days left for early voting which ends on Friday October 30, 2020. If you do not vote, you have no reason to be upset or be angry! Because when you don't vote, your voice and opinion does not count! Vote and Vote now, as if your life depends on it, because it does!

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