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Council Member Tennell Atkins issues statement on property at 9500 block of S. Central Expressway

DALLAS – City Council Member Tennell Atkins released the following statement on steps the City of Dallas has taken to remove used shingles at 9527 S. Central Expressway:

“The removal of shingles located at 9527 S. Central Expressway remains a top priority for me. I want the site restored and the responsible parties held accountable for the nearby residents as well as the Dallas taxpayers. The City is currently preparing to move the shingles and we will not stop until the property is restored.

“As you may recall, the City filed a lawsuit in state court against the responsible parties in December 2018, requiring the operator of the shingle recycling business, Blue Star Recycling, to cease operation, clean the property, and comply with all applicable environmental regulations. The City successfully obtained a temporary injunction against Blue Star that ordered it to cease operations and clean up the property. While it stopped receiving materials, it failed to remove the materials. 

“The City successfully obtained an order of contempt and still, Blue Star failed to clean the property. As a result, in March 2019, the City notified the property owners that the City was prepared to remove the materials and place a lien on their properties for the cost, should the owners not do so. As a result, one of the owners cleared the material from its property. This resulted in a nearly 70% reduction of the processed materials on the site.  However, the second owner failed to take any action, and in Feb. 2020, the City requested that the court order the second owner to remove the remaining material. The court has yet to rule on the City’s request. 

“In March 2020, after urging by the City, and following the conclusion of its own investigation, the State joined the City’s lawsuit, alleging additional violations of state law. The teaming up of the City and the State has been beneficial and has resulted in the second property owner coming to the table to resolve the lawsuit. 

“Since that time, the City and the State have been working diligently on an agreement between the City, the State, and the second property owner for the removal of all materials from the property. As negotiations progressed, the City began preparing to remove the materials. On Sept. 11, 2020, the City posted a request for bids from contractors prepared to remove all unpermitted shingles and other debris from the property. On Oct. 13, 2020, the City Council will vote on the selected contract. The City has already retained an environmental expert to monitor the removal once it begins. The City intends to keep the neighboring property owner apprised of the remediation process and has sought her input. We are hopeful that any resolution achieved in the City’s lawsuit will also alleviate many of her concerns.

“While the City believes an agreement is imminent, according to state law, it will not be final until it is published in the Texas Register for 30 days. Once the agreement is final, removal will begin immediately and is expected to be completed within 90 days. The City will continue to pursue the other responsible parties – including Blue Star Recycling.

“This has been a long and frustrating process, and impossible without the tireless commitment of the City’s residents, stakeholders, and City staff.”

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