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Debate or Debacle?

by Kimberley Blair Pleasant

Chaotic and messy is what the first presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Vice President Joe Biden is being called! There were frequent interruptions from both candidates. Many voters watching felt it was disgraceful from both men.

Both Trump and Biden were not at their best, voters felt that the actions of President Trump was unbelievably horrific! At one point Joe Biden said to Donald Trump, “You are the worst president America has ever had!” Donald Trump acted childish, chaotic and combative during the debate. This is not to say that Joe Biden was the best, but it was clear he was defiantly the best in behavior befitting the Highest Office in America!

Although tonight did not clearly have a winner of the presidential debate, there was a clear winner when it came to decency! Donald J. Trump who is supposed to be the president for all people, but at one point, actually said to the violent white nationalist organization, Proud Boys, “Stand Back and Stand By!” This was said because Trump feels that this election would not be fair if he loses!

This is America; this is a country of Democracy not Dictatorship! We the American people need to take these types words of our Commander and Chief, who says racist, homophobic and horrible things about individuals and groups of people he does not like, SERIOUSLY. We the American People should be very afraid of what could happen to our already divided country because of this President, Donald J. Trump!

Vote Like Your Life Depends on it, because it DOES” Former First Lady Michelle Obama!

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