Getting My Fix

I tended to look at the word addiction with the uttermost contempt and disdain for anyone and anything related to this word. The straight definition without my ignorant prejudices reveals a profound reality and truth. This revealed truth was not only about the individuals I had once reviled, but about myself. Only when I was able to look honestly at what I was doing, was I able to lift myself from sugar’s addictive death grip.

I learned by listening to the stories of others who were on this path. I also learned through the research I was inspired to engage in. I learned that I didn’t just eat sugar and flour and excess quantities because I really, really liked them (even though I did, really, really like them). I learned that this sugar molecule causes a chemical imbalance that upsets my mental stability and my physical functionality.

I was also able to see via the stories of others that there was a pattern that accompanied my eagerness to consume these items. Much like the alcoholic, who has a bad day says, “What a day, I need a drink!” I would do and say the same sometimes, but I would need a sugar, flour item.” Or if I had a good day, like the alcoholic, it was time to celebrate!! “Break out the wine, beer, liquor!!” For me it was, “Break out the ice cream, the fried chicken, the macaroni and cheese!!”

Also when I was unable to supply myself with these items to soothe a bad day, or to celebrate a good day, I felt miserably deprived. When this happened, I was not consolable until I got my “dope”, which for me was sugar and flour and excess quantities.

I identified that the core of these motivations fell into one of two categories, between which I vacillated with regularity. They were:

Ø Feelings of impatience and victimhood

Ø Feelings of impatience and entitlement

The bad days involved situations where I experienced lack, indignity, or discomfort in some manner. Basically, victimhood. What I was really thinking was, God just wasn’t doing His job and was leaving me behind. So, I needed something else to save me, to soothe me, to make me feel worthy and whole.

The good days involved situations where I experienced a need to expedite rewards I felt due to me. Again, I felt motivated to catch God’s slack. I was concerned that might be overlooked by God, so I was just going to reward myself. I wanted to reward myself with something immediate. After all, I thought I deserved it. I was entitled and God might take too long getting me His reward.

Neither of these rationales are scripturally compliant and rashly broke the first commandment, “Thou shalt have no other Gods before me.”

Psalms 27:14 advises, “Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.”

Thank God, this sugar and flour that I was using as a drug to “fix” me was legal, and not cost prohibitive. I believe had they been so, such as is the case with illegal drugs, I would have easily been in big trouble. I couldn’t stop any more than the alcoholic or the drug addict. What’s worse I felt like there was absolutely nothing wrong, whatsoever, with how I managed my eating. “So, yeah, I got fat”, I thought. “I can handle it. I know what to do, I just need to make up my mind, I can do this.” But, I couldn’t do it by myself, not for any significant length of time. Any weight I was able to release in that period would return and even more so. In the periodic moments of lucidity, where I was able to be absolutely honest with myself, I could only admit that indeed, I could not do it. This admission plunged me into a deep despair. The despair either launched me on a binge or it catapulted me into a wild and desperate dash to find some crazy “quick fix”.

By: Linda D’ Nise

The Virtual Sponsor

Dear VS,

I am from a Central American country. Our traditional cuisine is largely comprised of corn and corn meal. Corn is not on the GSF plan. Can an accommodation be made for me so that I can experience my culture’s traditions?

Fiesta Nina – El Paso, Texas

Dear FN,

It is important to look at the life expectancy and disease trends of the members of one’s culture. Reverencing these time-honored traditions that engender bonding and good memories must be weighed against the goals one has to improve their own quality of life now. A very loving way to honor one’s culture is to role model a healthier way of life and create new traditions that can be cherished, centered on this new way.


Dear VS,

What difference does it make if I eat a fraction of an ounce over or under in my measurements make?

Free Spirit – San Diego, California

Dear FS,

The very nature of my addiction is my resistance to absolute structure. Fueling the continual habit of consuming substances that were destroying my body was my justification and rationalizations to cross the line of structure. It always begins with the fraction of the transgression and the loophole of the lack of compliance widens with each justification. God, Science, Food repairs these holes in the thinking by fostering a mental environment whereby absolute compliance is a natural habit instead of a forced imposition.


“The Virtual Sponsor™” Linda D’ Nise

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