Minster & Prophetess Valarie Barkwell - The Valarie Barkwell Ministries, Inc

In 1985 Minister Barkwell answered the Prophetic call from God and started having weekly prayer meetings within her home. Every Thursday committed prayer warriors gathered at her home to offer fervent prayers. The ministry was often invited to other homes for prayer and

deliverance service. The Ministry was growing, and the warriors were excited about the teachings and the move of God. Several times during the week we were out at someone’s home answering the call to pray and believe. Prophetic messages, Deliverance & Miracles had gone forth and are still taking place today, In the Mighty Name of


In 1986, The Valarie Barkwell Ministries, Inc. was incorporated as a Non-Profit business in the State of Texas and became a recognized Non-Profit Tax-exempt organization.

The need and call for prayer requests were growing so Minister & Prophetess Valarie Barkwell, pioneered a (7) day Prayer line. The Prayer line ministry started with (3) times a day prayer sessions that were offered daily (4:00AM, 5:00AM and 10:00 PM) to accommodate anyone who wanted to join.

At that time, back in1986, the ministry did not have a conference line. We connected daily by using the 3-way conference feature on our phones only.

Years later, thankfully, the ministry was introduced to a free conference line service and we now join for daily prayer at 6:30 AM via the conference line.

For over 50 years, Minister & Prophetess Valarie Barkwell, has been sharing and teaching the love and gifts of God to others. For over 30 years, The Valarie Barkwell Ministries, Inc. has been praying daily. Everyday a host of prayer warriors gather to pray to our omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent GOD.

🌹To God be the Glory for Minister & Prophetess Valarie Barkwell.

Story by: Evangelist Deloris Robinson and Evangelist Mae Margaret Crosby mydrob@gmail.com 🌹

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