NOTHING IN BETWEEN: Identifying & Managing the Phantom Delusion of Hunger Between Meals

Updated: Oct 16, 2018

What Constitutes Nothing?

The first of the Tools of THE GOD, SCIENCE, FOOD APPROACH (GSF) is the Abstinent Food Plan, outlined in my book, God, Science, Food. It outlines three meals daily, weighed and measured, with nothing in between except water and decaffeinated sugar free beverages.

For a long time, during my excursions in and out of the principled nutritioning myself, this concept of nothing in between got by my radar. While sure, the food plan states the exceptions of water and decaffeinated sugar free beverages, but my warped sense of what I considered to be nothing muddied the waters of the true concept of “nothing in between”.

Surely, when the food plan speaks of nothing in between it certainly didn’t mean:

Ø The occasional tasting of food while preparing for the next meal.

Ø The tasting of a diet or healthy food item a friend brought for me to taste that their doctor said was really good for me.

Ø Licking some food item off of my finger that spilled onto it inadvertently, even if it was carb and sugar-free.

Ø Eating the rest of my abstinent meal more than 1 ½ hours later that I forgot to eat or didn’t want to eat at the meal it is was supposed to go with.

Ø A little bite, drink or taste of something to take the edge off of a headache or nauseated stomach or other such illness.

Ø A little bite, drink or taste of something to take with medication.

Ø A little bite, drink or taste of something when I find I am not going to get to my abstinent food in time for my regular abstinent meal.

Ø A little bite, drink or taste of something someone made as a special surprise for mine or someone else’s birthday or other celebration.

Ø A little bite, drink or taste of something that someone I revere makes me feel guilty for not eating.


Why is this important I asked? It is just a little taste, after all.

Let’s say I blow up a balloon full of air and seal it tight. It is the ever so tiny pin prick that will pop it and there is no putting that balloon back together again. I have to get a brand-new balloon, blow it up again from scratch. This must be done in order for to assure the integrity of the balloon that will hold the new air. Stopping to start my program all over again from scratch leaves room for the insidious delinquent self-justified thought to grow into a full-fledged slip, or worse, outright break or relapse. So, resetting the mindset of abstinence is crucial. After all, in changing my nutritional lifestyle is about structuring a consistent regimen for the mind so that it can operate almost automatically, without labored thought. The right-sizing of the body is the natural and inescapable product of this natural structured consistency.

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