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The Most Powerful and Influential Woman in Sports:

By Kimberley Blair Pleasant

“This challenge is one I don’t take lightly,”

“Hard work and perseverance and still remain confident in yourself”

~Kim Ng

From Intern to GM, Kim Ng through her many years in Major League Baseball has held many roles, attained three World Series, and has accomplished something no other woman has done in any major leagues men’s sports in North America. She is the newly appointed General Manager of the Florida Marlins Major League Baseball Team.

Kim Ng could have never imagined 30 years ago, that interning for the Chicago White Sox would land her the title of GM with the Florida Marlins. This well-earned title was awarded because of her diligence and knowledge of the ins and outs of Major League Baseball. After interning with the White Sox, she then was hired on full time in 1991, as Special Projects Analyst and later promoted to Assistant Director of Baseball Operations until 1995. After leaving the White Sox in 1997, she worked in the American League front office as Director of Waiver and Records. At the age of 29, Ng was named the youngest and one of only four women to be Assistant General Manager in 1998, for the New York Yankees. She was then named Assistant General Manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2002. Ng was considered for General Manger of the Dodgers but the position was given to Ned Colletti. She also interviewed with other Major League teams but was overlooked for those positions as well. In 2011, Ng was named Senior Vice President of Baseball Operations for Major League Baseball.

Kim Ng has made history by being the first woman to head a man’s major league team in any sport; she is also the first Asian American General Manager in Major League Baseball History. Not only is Kim Ng the first female GM, she is the Most Power and Influential Woman in Sports. Kim Ng is one of many women “Still Breaking through that Glass Ceiling”!

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