The Return of Tommye Young-West

Elite News would like to reintroduce you to a Dallas great. Mrs. Tommye Young-West has returned to the gospel scene with a gracelessness only to be reflected by her faith! After a 6 year break from the spotlight, due to her husband’s passing, Tommye has blessed us with an eleven track album rightfully entitled “The Return of Tommye Young-West.”

The title itself speaks to the passion, fierceness, and conviction Tommye has displayed throughout the breath of her career spanning more than 45 years as a singer, actress, and philanthropist. Her newest work can be found on all digital music platforms. “The Return of Tommye Young-West” will satisfy every inkling in your soul as it bounces from true rhythm and blues, upbeat contemporary melodies, and Southern Baptist church hymns. As Tommye explains it, she saw her place to fit right in with all the present-day varying genres of gospel. As for the production side of this project, Mrs. Young-West is currently the flagship artist of Rock Daniel Records represented by Darrell King. The album is a working collection of songs by various writers including producers, DJs, and even family members of Tommye.

Tommye Young-West has stepped back into the game with full-force performing her single In Jesus Name on Good Morning Texas and performing this past weekend at the Kim Burrell and Friends Live! Concert. As for future events, Mrs. Young-West says that she is looking forward to solid prospects of working with other musical artists on their projects, doing more tv, film, and eventually stepping onto Broadway! Dallas truly has a gem in Tommye Young-West, her service, and gift.

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