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"Trump's hold on Trump country looks utterly unshakable," CNN analyst says

Votes are still being counted in key states across the US, and while Democrats seem to have “really run up the score in a lot of big metros,” CNN analyst Ron Brownstein said “Trump's hold on Trump country looks utterly unshakable.”

“Even with a nominee, Joe Biden, whose calling card was supposed to be his ability to cut into those working class Whites, those mid-sized industrial cities and those rural communities. There may be a little gain here and there, but by and large, not only did trump dominate nose those places, but Republicans won back a number of the House seats that Democrats had taken in those places in 2018,” Brownstein said Wednesday.

Democrats consolidating major metros but haven’t expanded their margin in the suburbs, Brownstein noted.

“It's just the reality that we are living in a time where we have this trench between two very different coalitions that want very different things and very different visions of what America is,” he added.

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