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Watch "The Color of Money: Black Banks and the Racial Wealth Gap" on YouTube

Getting a good job is not economic power!

Why are many black communities depressed and struggling with persevering the legacy and heritage of the black wall street mentality?

Why are there so many black educated people and judges and elected officials in the black communities but the communities seem to struggle.

Why did black communities look vastly different in the 50's and 60's before integration and assimilation.

There are four foundations of every community in America .. (1.) The church structure (2.) Elected officials representing the community (3.) The educated elite (4.) A vibrant banking system owned and operated by the community elite.

The black community in America has all three and are missing out on the most vitally important.

Black wall street was created without a stimulus check or government aid and subsidy...

The most destructive enemy facing black America is, (1.) Lack of unity (2.) Selfishness. (3.) Poor leadership (4.) No financial power or unity (5.) Black elected officials that have sold out its future and its legacy.

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