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Will You Join Us In Acknowledging our Veterans

Veterans Day, November 11, 2020

Pause and pay homage to our beloved veterans and thank God for their courage, we owe them a debt of gratitude.

Youngest and First Sergeant in WWII: William Blair Jr.

US Army Roy Curlin US Army John Farmer US Army Willie Curlin, Jr. US Army MC Miles, Jr. US Army Artie Wright US Air Force Robert Louis Johnson US Air Force Jessie Willard Mitchell Robert Brown, Jr.; Master Sgt. Colonel Robert Brown III Darrell Brown, Rank Unknown General C. Q. Brown Col. Charles Q. Brown, Sr. Ret. Col. Robert Brown’s Bryant Richards Maurice Armstrong, Jr. (Marines). Carl Derry Felton Armstrong Ret. E-6 Volna Derry Felix Jordan Jr. US Army Military Police WWII LaTia Williams (Army) Keaunda Ivory (Navy)

Alonzo Pleasant US Army

John L. Jones Nicholas Johnson Sgt. Major George Johnson US Army Vietnam War Alexis Blair Staff Sergeant Robert Blair II

Source: CEM.VA.GOV

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