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YOU Must Register to VOTE by Monday October 5, 2020


by Kimberley Blair Pleasant

Our country, America is not facing just one crisis; we are facing four (4): A Health Pandemic-Corona Virus-19, an Economic Crisis, Racial Division and Climate Control. Although he did not cause these crises, Donald Trump has done nothing to make them better. He has even at times made them worst!

Our country’s Democracy is on the line. If Donald Trump has his way, we will be dealing with CRISIS number five (5). Donald Trump by his actions and words is threatening to uproot the peaceful transfer of power if he does not win the election on November 3, 2020. Trump sees the presidency as his to own, not as a position elected by “We the People.”

Donald Trump does not seem to be concerned about what working families need. He will do everything he can to stay in power. Whether you mail it in or go to the poles, YOU must vote in order for it to count! Don’t be afraid to cast your vote it will be counted. This is America; we are a country built on Democracy not Dictatorship! In order to maintain our Democracy and Decency, We Must Vote.

Elections are always about choices, but this one is the most IMPORTANT of our lives. It’s about who will help ensure everyone has a path toward a better life, and who will save our Democracy. We can’t sit on the sidelines. We Must Vote.

You can find more information about voting in Texas by visiting your state board of elections website here. Here are the deadlines we found on that site, so you can mark your calendar and get ready to vote.


  • You must register to vote by: 10/5

  • Texas restricts who can vote by mail. Check the state board of elections website to see if you qualify. All applications to vote by mail must be received by the early voting clerk before the close of regular business or 12 p.m., whichever is later.

  • If you plan to vote by mail, you must request a ballot by: 10/23

For more information, and to find out whether your state has early voting dates available, visit your state’s board of elections website here.


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