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Zac and COVID-19

Director Zachery Thompson

Most people know him as just Zac.

And after more than twenty(20)years with Dallas County Health, he is a vital sought-after resource in all communities, especially the African American community.

Back in April, 2020, we interviewed Zac about his current status in the community, his passion for volunteering at the Bethlehem Center Food Pantry and his thoughts on the COVID-19 that had taken up residency on American soil. Mr. Thompson is a Dallas Maker, graduating from Thomas Jefferson High School onward to UTA with a degree propelling his life long career. As a director of public health, Zac’s resume includes several viruses the county was confronted with directly and indirectly, locally and globally. And that list of viruses over two decades is extensive. I am reminded of the resurgence of measles and its history. Most Americans over the age of 50 are familiar with measles. We know that measles is a highly contagious disease. The Atlantic.com, on Health noted that the “ once defeated disease in the United States is a failure of communication”. The word virus has its roots in a Latin term for ‘poison’. COVID is a disease that involves and affects all of us.

Several days after the interview conducted by Dr. Fred Jones, President, Trinity Intl Seminary, I asked for one word to described Zac. “He is a visionary”, was the reply. This is a mighty narrative factoring in Zac is now a member of the “retired talent” community. More importantly, after the interview, we started receiving comments about Zac. One of the messages stuck with me. A former student of Director Thompson from West Dallas called. Director Thompson spent thirteen(13)years at the West Dallas Community Center. All grown up now he expressed thoughts about the man he looked up to and was happy to see him well and still on the ‘frontline’ of making things happen.

The global and national challenges with COVID-19 are important to all of us, but Zac, operating from a position of trust and commitment, concentrates on the local stats in Dallas County, which is public information. Let on the list. Email address is: ZachThompson@sbcglobal.net. Our thanks to all our retired talent that is still making significant contributions to our communities.

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